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    Thoughts on, and middle names for, SULLIVAN.

    I have fallen in love with the name Sullivan, Sully for short. Interested in people's opinions on it, and also any middle name suggestions.
    Sibling name for Jobe Saxon.

    Jobe Saxon and Sullivan ...?

    Michael, Robert, Bruce and Trevor are family names we could use, but not fussed on any.

    Thanks in advance!
    Name lover, searching for the perfect names for our children.

    Current loves:
    Della, Sadie, Penny, Stella, Josie, Eve, Nora, Adeline.
    Jobe, Sullivan, Rigby, Finn, Flynn, Marlowe, Levi.

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    I would like to see a shorter middle name. Sullivan Bruce works flow wise. How about:

    Sullivan James
    Sullivan Grey
    Sullivan Clark
    Sullivan Brooks
    Sullivan Jake
    Sullivan George

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    Sullivan is a great name!
    Really like suggestion of Sullivan James! I kinda like that it is the reverse initials of Jobe Saxon

    Also like
    Sullivan Drake
    Sullivan Heath
    Sullivan Troy
    Sullivan Shaw
    Sullivan Hart

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    Ha! Sullivan James was my first thought and it was the first one mentioned. lol

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