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    2 wks old! Please help!!!!

    We were expecting a boy.... I have decided on Uma .. Which I love for her but so far no one else really likes it ---- I need a middle name so far the runners up are:

    Uma Sophia or Uma Skye

    Any additional suggestions welcome .... TIA

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    I like the sound of Uma Skye. I think Uma and Sophia have totally different vibes. So they seem awkward together. But Uma Skye has this cool vibe thing going on. If others do not like it and you love it then stick with it. Everyone is going to have their opinions and different styles. But I really like Uma Skye. It just works in my opinion and I truly can not think of other names that work with Uma or that I like with Uma since the one you chose I feel is great.
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    Uma Skye is pretty

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    I like Uma Skye, too! What a cool, fresh name for a summer babe. Congrats on the birth of your daughter!
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