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    Blake is not my favorite name, but I think it's a great combo so I vote it's a keeper!

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    I agree with the suggestion that Ethan Alexander Blake is a better order. I like the name Ethan much more as a first name.
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    i agree Ethan Blake Alexander [Henderson] sounds nicer. You have to think of yourself as this child as an adult. Ethan Blake Alexander just strikes more authority.
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    First, let's congratulate your friend on having a varied syllable count for the various parts of the name. My primary concern is the initials which spell BEAH which I don't believe is an actual word but could be pronounceable (Leah and Beah?). Let's take apart it's popularity. Blake peaked in the 80s. Ethan is very on trend now; too much so perhaps. Alexander has been common for decades. If she doesn't mind weathering the storm of past fashions wish them the best on their upcoming son. Good luck!

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    I like those names but, going with the flow, I like Blake Alexander Ethan better. Awesome name though.

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