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    Question Do you agree with this?

    I've liked the name Claudia for quite some time; but struggled with her unfortunate meaning. I did a bit of search for people's overall impression of Claudia and found this article on Appellation Mountain about her origins, meaning and history. And how she possibly stems from names given in ancient times for healing/protective purposes :

    So I just wanted to ask if you agree/believe that some names are/were given to children to ward of possible misfortunes or diseases. I'd never heard that before; but I guess that does make sense, however, its one of those things you'll probably never find out if its true or not. Anyway, I am rambling, what do you think Berries?
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    Yes, very often names were chosen to protect a childproof to ward off harm. Since people didn't know what caused illness (germs, etc), they felt that illness was caused by evil spirits. People would do many different things, including selecting specific names, that would ward off evil.
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    Oh, yeah, definitely. The name itself means lame, but the literal meaning of a name isn't the whole thing, it's only a part of it. There's a lot of history in how names became names (not sure this makes any sense), which is why I think some people put too much stock in what is listed as the meaning.

    And I agree with what Paw said. This was actually quite normal in orphanages (maybe still is somewhere) to give abandoned unnamed children names that would "protect" them.
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    Well, that ritual isn't the norm in any place, but I never truly cared for meanings. It's not like someone would actually be sad if he has nice name with uncool meaning.
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    Even the meaning does not stop it from being beautiful. I've always liked Claudia, as well as Portia. I agree with everything said above as well, but also want to point out that hardly anyone knows the meaning of their friend/coworker/stranger's name. Some people don't even know the meaning of their own name, or have no meaning to their name at all. (please vote!)

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