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    I love Abrianna and Cambria! Actually I want to name her Aubriella and call her Ella but all the vowels are too much for my husband. He is looking for a more simplistic name. He REALLY wants Aly but we're having a hard time finding a name that would allow Aly as a nickname. (I am definitely into nicknames- my name is Kali and I've always had to assure people it isn't short for something). We are considering Alyse but our very close friends had a little girl named Elise and I don't feel comfortable naming my daughter something so close when there are so many beautiful names out there. I also love names that start with C - Campbell (call her Bell/Ellie/Cammy) Or Emily (call her Emma) Emily has my heart but it does nothing for him. SOOO any Aly suggestions?

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    Avianna Gwen is beautiful!

    Are you concerned about doubling up on A names? If you have another A name now, would you feel like you had to have a third A name if you had a third child, and if not, are you concerned that child would feel different from his/her sisters? Just things to keep in mind if you go with an A name for this baby girl too.

    A Names (For nn Aly)

    Other A names:
    Arabella nn Ari
    Aurora nn Rory
    Aurelia nn Lia or Ari
    Adele or Adela, nn Ella

    C Names
    Cassandra nn Cassie or Cassa
    Calandra nn Cali
    Caledonia nn Cali
    Cambria nn Cami (I know it was said before but I have a cousin named this and it works v. well!)
    Camellia nn Cami
    Carolina nn Caro or Lina (prn. care-o-leena)
    Catalina nn. Lina
    Cecilia nn Lia, Celia, Cia or CeCe
    Cressida nn Cressy

    I would also suggest Emilia, as it gives you a good "A" sound without the A letter and it's similar to Emily.

    Oh, and Congratulations!!
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