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    Help! Two weeks till baby!

    Dh and I have really struggled this pregnancy on a name that feels right our newest baby girl. Right now I am liking Isla, but haven't found a middle name that I love. Our last name is Brown and while I like Isla Mae Brown, the Mae next to Brown feels a bit choppy. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I like the idea of a longer middle name since our last name is so short. We also like Julia Katherine or Sophia Brielle although not excited about how popular Sophia is right now. This baby would be a sister to Olivia. Thanks in advance for any input!

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    Isla Sophie Brown would be great, Mae is too short for my taste.
    I like Isla, it's so pretty and Isla Fisher is hot. I definitely prefer it to Julia and Sophia and Isla Brown sounds really cool. Some middle name ideas:
    Isla Lior Brown
    Isla Natalie Brown
    Isla Verity Brown
    Isla Madeleine Brown
    Isla Victoria Brown
    Isla Wisteria Brown
    Isla Elodie Brown
    Isla Guinevere Brown
    Isla Georgina Brown
    Isla Cecelia Brown
    Isla Rosalind Brown
    I think you should avoid word names since your last name is Brown(though I love Isla Wisteria). Out of my ideas I like Isla Verity and Isla Madeleine for you best. Good luck!

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    I think Isla Mae Brown is lovely! I don't find it choppy, I think the rhythm is very vintage.

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    I love Isla. Very lovely with sibling Olivia.

    I like Isla Juliet, Isla Camille, and Isla Grace

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    I love Isla Mae! So pretty. You can't go wrong with Julia Catherine either. I am really over Sophia/Sophie, so I would drop that. Another option is Isla Catherine.

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