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    Maybe you would like Lorelei. I think Are-uh-lie is a bit close to "orally" and I dislike the sound. Coraline might be a good replacement as well.

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    Thanks for your help! So, the consensus is that I would need to spell it differently if I plan to pronounce it differently? Sad.
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    Yeah, I'm with everyone else you're going to have to spell it differently.
    I love Aurelia and Aurelie just the way they are so all the other spelling options feel weird to me.
    I'd probably opt for a double option -> something like Ara-Leigh.
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    I think you'd like Lorelei or Aureline, like others suggested.
    Also, I can't help but notice your username - I had assumed I was the only Mormon Berry! (Unless I'm mistaken, of course!)
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    Since it's an uncommon name and you'd probably have to explain how to pronounce it anyway I'd just go with your pronunciation.

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