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    I think it might get confused with Isabella but I'm not sure how often this would really happen. I think of it as a legitimate name. I saw it once on an old gravestone in a mid to late 19th century cemetery and thought it was a very pretty name.

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    I don't like the sound of it as well as I like Sibyl.

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    I like it, just not as much as Sybil. I know it's a legitimate name, so I don't see it as a bastardization of Isabella, but people might be confused at first.
    I think that if you love it and your husband agrees, than use it. Sibby is a cute nickname.

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    Sybilla or Sybella there is no difference. It is a lovely name!

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    I think Sybella is okay. It's not ridiculously weird or hugely popular. It would definitely depend on what her middle name would be.
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