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    Middles for Hazel

    Hazel seems popular on Nameberry but I am hoping in the real world it is not. I am kind of swooning over it and keep going back to the name. I also feel like it goes with all of our boy combos. I found a few middles for the name but would love your opinions and other suggestions.

    Hazel June Marie
    Hazel Seraphine
    Hazel Seraphina
    Hazel Rosalind
    Hazel Juliet
    Hazel Marie
    Little Bird- 11.6.15

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    My favorites out of your combinations are Hazel Seraphina and Hazel Rosalind
    I do love June as well but not with Marie, sorry.

    Other suggestions:

    Hazel Evangeline
    Hazel Marigold
    Hazel Aurora
    Hazel Tabitha Rose
    Hazel Winter
    Hazel Anouk
    Hazel Araminta
    Hazel June
    Hazel Emerson

    Good luck

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    It is popular on here and in real life. Hearing it more everyday! It's a lovely name though.

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    brynie- Thank you for your input! From the new combos you suggested I like Hazel Aurora and Hazel June and slightly Hazel Emerson.

    happymama1- I have never met a Hazel in real life and I live in New York so maybe not a common name around my area?
    Little Bird- 11.6.15

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    I know the most popular names in my state (California) are not nearly the same as they are nationwide; I'd imagine it's the same for New York. Hazel's not in the top 100 names for girls in New York state, and ranked #175 nationally.

    Of your combinations, I like Hazel Seraphine and Hazel Seraphina the most. The only one I don't like is Hazel Marie. Marie's will be a "mom" middle by the time your little one is in elementary school, and both Hazel and Marie are both 2 syllables and 5 letters long, which makes the combination feel sing-songy. Maybe Hazel Mariam or Hazel May (Mae) instead?

    Have you heard of the book 'The Fault is in Our Stars"? It's a YA novel, and the heroine's name is Hazel Grace. I thought it was a pretty combination. Other suggestions...

    Hazel Allegra
    Hazel Elodie
    Hazel Miranda
    Hazel Rebecca
    Hazel Susannah
    Hazel Sylvia
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