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    WDYT of Ireland?

    Hi everyone!
    Currently DH and I are expecting number four and we are having a lot of trouble coming up with a name that will flow nicely with our daughter's names. We have three girls; Lorraine Amelie, Temperance Avery, and Willow Evangeline. I stumbled across the name Ireland a few days ago, and it has really been growing on me. What do you think of the name? Would it flow well with her sisters names? Also would love any other suggestions on other names or middle names for Ireland! Thanks a bunch!
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    I like the name, but I honestly don't think it goes with your other girls. Ireland sounds rather harsh phonetically. Tomboyish too (not that thats a bad thing), but compared to the softer, feminine names your other girls have, it sounds out of place.
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    It's a country. Yeah, I can see some country names making okay given names becuase they actually sound like names, but Ireland ends in land. It's a place! I just don't personally understand it. Plus, like pp said, it doesn't fit with your other daughters' names. Do you have any connection to Ireland at all? If so, it'd be all right as a MN. Or how about Erin, if you love the country?

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    Varenna Alexandra sounds nice with your girls' names.

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