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    Middle name for Vada?

    I love the name Vada, but I can't seem to find a middle name for it. Nothing that I love, anyway.

    This is a list I've come up with so far...but nothing really pops out to me.
    Vada Penelope
    Vada Renae
    Vada Rose
    Vada Louise
    Vada Miranda

    Can you think of any more? Please help me!

    - Vada is pronounced "vay-duh", just in case you were wondering..

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    Vada screams 1975 to me...I'd go with a pretty, functional name so she has choices if she doesn't like it when she's older. I like Alexandra, Catherine or Elizabeth as middle names...loads of options for nicknames.

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    I also love Vada and have been contemplating the following names myself:

    Vada Charlotte
    Vada Katherine
    Vada Josephine
    Vada Marie
    Vada Roslyn

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