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    Olivia and Lucy?

    Hi everyone! First time posting here. We pretty much have agreed on the name Lucy for our baby girl due this month. What do you think of the name? One concern is that we have dd named Olivia (who often goes by Liv and Livy). Too close for a sibset?

    Other concerns...
    Too informal?
    Age well?
    Becoming too popular?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

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    Olivia and Lucy are perfect together, but Livy and Lucy aren't. Maybe start calling Olivia 'Ollie' or something? An occasional Liv would probably be fine.
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    fiammetta Guest
    Olivia and Lucy are fine together, though I do agree, Livy and Lucy are too close.

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    I think they are totally fine together.
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    Ok...I'd use Lucinda or Lucia or Louisa or even Lucrezia, and the nn Lucy.

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