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    Loretta reminds me of Get Back- The Beatles, not a good association! I love Rosie and Lottie. Maybe consider Charlotte instead of Loretta.
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    Rosie and Lottie are adorable! And Loretta nn Lottie? Too cute. I agree, any excuse for Lottie is a perfect one. Loretta seems a bit more dated than Rosemary, but they're lovely together, and I like the combos. I think Susannah works better with Rosemary, but I like Loretta nn Lottie more, personally. Although if you feel Rosie and Susie are close, there's always Annie or Suki or Sunny. Honestly, I was going to suggest Sosie, but if Rosie and Susie are too close, then Rosie and Sosie definitely are, haha.
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    Hooray! I love Rosemary and Loretta, Rosie and Lottie. Rosemary is on my list (snitched from you) and I think it's perfection. Loretta is like a white eyelet dress over cowboy boots. I imagine a warm and beautiful girl with a beautiful Kentucky accent and impeccable manners. So old-fashioned and lovely.
    The middle names are great too.

    If your only qualm with Susannah is that Susie and Rosie are too close, I like Ash's idea of Rosie and Sunny (how cheerful would that be?!) or Rosie and Suki. There's also Zuzu, which is super old-fashioned plucky cute and always makes me think of It's A Wonderful Life.

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    Thanks all!
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    I love Rosemary & Loretta (Rosie & Lottie), and I think it's a way better fit than Rosemary & Susannah. I think they pair so well together because they are culturally complementary; I associate Loretta with Italian names, and Rosemary-- with the nicknames Rose, Rosa, Rosalinda even, going along with it, they pair together quite well. Both romantic and soft.

    Susannah is pretty, but doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Plus- I agree, Rosie and Susie sounds too sweet. Tooth-ache sweet.

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