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    one week to go... but not certain yet


    Next week we will getting our new baby-girl. We already have three children and one angel (stillborn). Our kids all have Greek names (or related to Greek myth).
    So now this one has got to be also a name in the same line. The names are very unusual, so please don't write them down in the normal way (we have some very curious relatives/friends).
    this are the names of our kids:
    X.@nth€ (girl)
    C.¥b€l€ (girl)
    C.@llist€ (girl)
    C.@ssiël (boy)

    The name we have in mind is:
    Quint@ (a vestal virgin, related to C.¥b€l€, has something to do with the number 5, and it's our fifth child).
    Only, we just developed that this name is also used for a HeatingVentilation-installation (my hubby is director of install company and sell also installations of this brand). So my hubby is not so happy with that name anymore. Now we think about a variation: Quint€ or Quinth€

    Names like Euridice, Eudora, Euterpe, Euphemia, Eirene we do not like in our country (pronounciation sounds strange in the Netherlands)

    We also like Eileithyia, but it is hard to pronounce and spell it, so we find it a little bit sad to give her such a difficult name. If someone has a variance of this name, feel free to tell us

    We have also thought about Qadesha/Qetesh, but this name had associations with temple-prostitution,

    We like to give her a name with a Q-sound or S or Z-sound in the beginning.

    So If there are creatives among you, we hope you give us new idea's or food for thought.
    Thank you very much,


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