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    Help for baby boy due in November

    Our daughters are Mara Kathryn, Audra Neel and Elizabeth (Eliza) Marguerite. We are expecting our first boy in November. All of their middle names have family significance.

    If any of the girls had been a boy the front runner was Henry James (both family names). I still like it but wish it wasn't as popular and had less potential of being a top 10 name in the not too distant future.

    My other front runner is Eamon but my husband thinks it sounds too much like Amen (??).

    I'm having trouble finding anything else to add to my consideration list. Biblical names either feel too common or too out there. DH doesn't want any more ends in -a names. I'd like to avoid a similar beginning sound though I am ok repeating the initial. I have looked over the Irish list and didn't find anything that jumped out at me.

    Our last name is one syllable and sounds like 'Ball'.

    Others I've thought about but am not convinced I love:
    Edmund (same beginning sound as Eliza)
    Atticus (feels prone to a big jump, my nieces name is already Harper)

    TIA for ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by basicsand View Post
    Let me know what you think of these:

    Ehh. None of them really jump out at me. I don't think surnames really are for me. Maybe Tobias.


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