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    New round of names

    We are having such a hard time picking that one perfect name! I'm looking at a fresh batch of names today. Please tell me what you think of these names (sister is Brooklyn)



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    I'm sorry that you are having trouble finding the right name! : /

    Callista -- This one seems a little too...something. Frilly and pretentious come to mind but neither is quite right. Idk. It just seems like a lot of name for a child. The nn option of Callie is really nice though!
    Lydia -- Timeless, strong, beautiful. I really like Lydia and although I think it is in the Top 100, I have yet to meet a child with the name.
    Vivienne -- Beautiful, vibrant, lots of energy. I like this one!
    Simone -- Simple, classy, intelligent. This goes really well with Brooklyn.

    I hope that helps!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Lydia is my favorite, followed by Callista.
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    Thank you, I did think of using the nn Callie for Callista, but I definitely wouldn't use a nn with any of the other names. I don't use a nn for my dd Brooklyn either.

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    Callista- I, personally, cannot stand this name. It feels cold to me, pretentious, and vain.
    Lydia- Pretty! My favorite of the four.
    Vivienne- I love the look of this name, but I never could quite get behind the sound. I don't hate it, though.
    Simone- Second favorite. So French, so modern, so classy. It also "goes" the best with Brooklyn.

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