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Thread: MN for Thalia?

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    MN for Thalia?

    So after a 2 month struggle, I finally have a name my hubby will consider for bub due in August. While most of my suggestions have been met with either laughter or a simple "no way" he's taking Thalia into consideration, which thrills me because I think it pairs well with sisters Elizabeth and Avalyn.

    In hopes of encouraging his consideration, I'd like to present a few mn options, but I'm pretty much run the naming gauntlet and am having a hard time finding something that fits well with our one syllable last name (starting B ending D) and also has a strong meaning. Hubby dislikes names with hard consonant sounds and I dislike names beginning with N, or G. We don't mind reaching into the unusual if the name is meaningful and flows well. I'd prefer to steer clear of names ending in the a sound (i just dont think it would suit with thalia, but actually if it flows well why not?) and nothing ending with -lyn.

    I know this is kind of a vague order, but i'd appreciate any help you berries can offer!

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    Thalia Caroline
    Thalia Meredith
    Thalia Vivienne
    Thalia Micheline

    I think with Thalia and a one syllable surname, a three syllable mn is nice. THat said I think Thalia June and Thalia May are very pretty.

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    Thalia is beautiful! Here are some middles I think would go well and create a good flow between Thalia and a one syllable last name:

    Thalia Inez
    Thalia Delphine
    Thalia Elise
    Thalia Penelope
    Thalia Celine
    Thalia Camille
    Thalia Genevieve
    Thalia Margot
    Thalia Imogen
    Thalia Esther
    Thalia Vivian
    Thalia Miriam
    Thalia Marion
    Thalia Lenore
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