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    I love Wren! It's actually on my long list - it's my favorite nature name for girls and my favorite W name for girls as well. I think it's lovely. There's also the fact that the French word for 'queen' is pronounced the exact same way. I thought it was a nice connection.
    I say it's a lovely name! I don't know why, but Wren Josephine is coming to mind.
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    I have always loved Wren. I have actually used it for a character before, Wren Whitley (Whitley is her last name). I liked the way it looked paired with the "W" of Whitley, but still had a completely different sound. In my story, Wren is the youngest of three siblings. Eden, Colby, and Wren.
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    It always makes me think of 'ren' meaning stye or mark rather than the bird, I'm not sure why.
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    I really like it. Simple, sweet, pretty and to the point. I also love Marigold from your list.

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    I really like the name Wren. It sounds very feminine without being too foo-foo. I think if I were going to use it, I'd go with it as a middle name - mostly because I would have a hard time convincing my husband that it would be awesome as a first name.
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