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    Thoughts on Wren?

    Hey berries!
    What does everyone think of the name Wren? I really like it, it is by far one of my favorite nature names, and one of the only ones I like that isn't a flower. Is it usable? And any suggestions on combos?etc.
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    renrose Guest
    I'm a Ren (short for Karen) which is exactly the same sound. I like that it's a nickname and that I can choose to go by Karen if I want to It could also be short for Lauren, Florence, Maren, Renee, Renata etc

    Anyway, it's definitely usable even though I've never been a fan of the bird version of my name. I've been complimented on it more than once and my friends call me Renny sometimes.

    My middle name is Rose. So altogether I'm a Ren Rose.
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    I love Wren! It is simple and sweet but also strong. It has nice imagery for me and I like that it is a nature/word name but not one that is used in regular speech on a daily basis.

    My favorite Wren combo is Wren Eliora.
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    I love Wren! I think it's a sweet name
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    I really like Wren. I'm a big fan of less obvious choices of nature names. I think they're pretty and feminine without sounding too frilly or girly.

    As for combos, I think a Welsh middle would sound lovely with Wren

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