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    I LOVE Willow for a boy and would use it. I'd love to meet one! I never fund willow feminine honestly
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    I always try names in a sentence: like "Elected CEO of ..... is Willow Johnson ..." or "Playing quarterback for the team tonight is Willow Johnson" , etc.

    Somehow I associate Willow only with girls, but once a child is named, people figure it out.

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    A lot of the previous posters are hitting on my exact thoughts: it doesn't sound specifically feminine, but usage has pulled it to the feminine side.

    I put its femininity in the same category as "re-gendered names" like Ashley, Meredith, Whitney, Lindsay. If I try to be truly objective, Meredith doesn't specifically SOUND feminine to my ear, but I would be shocked to meet a male Meredith these days. It's not the same functionally, but the end result is similar.

    I know it's not the same, but... Willoughby? Maybe nickname Willow if it feels right to you later on?
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    Wow its crazy how diverse your opinions are! Lol
    I don't know why but I do not think girl at all when I hear Willow at all,
    I think ill just keep it on the list but keep my options open because I didn't realise it would be in the same category as naming your son ashley which i totally would never do that haha

    My sons name is Rieley and there are people who think that his name is feminine but I strongly feel like its more boyish .

    I think its the "oh" sound that definitely says boy and Will is a boy name... it made me want to name him Willow even more seeing comments on the same page as me so thank you I'm still on the fence though

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    I think a few years ago it would have passed for a boy's name, with the unisex sounding "O" ending. It's a soft sounding choice that could work on both genders quite nicely. However, with Willow Smith bringing the name into the light as a girl's name, it's going to be harder to have it pass as a boy's...
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