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    The name Willow for a boy?

    or is it too "feminine"?

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    Personally, I don't find it to have a sound that leans one way or the other. However, it ranked 171 for girls in 2012, but didn't chart for boys. My guess is that people will consider it a "girl" name, and that it would be quite a bit like naming a son Ashley now, post the girl takeover. Although Ashley had a decent history as a boy's name before, which I don't believe Willow ever has. I could be wrong about that though!
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    I don't think that it sounds particularly feminine, but, if I saw the name Willow, I would assume girl.

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    It may just be because I know only girls named Willow, but I wouldn't consider it a boys name, sorry.
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    I actually know 2 male Willow's now. One is about 13 and the other is closer to my age (20s). Neither use nicknames. I think it works fine on a boy as it sounds a good deal like other male names such as Milo, Hugo, etc. I do think most people will think "girl" when they see it though, so you'd have to be prepared for that, but it does have Will if he wants it. -- My Amazon Author Page

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