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Thread: Name imagery

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    Oh wow i never heard of synesthesia before, i wish i had it it sounds so much more colourful.

    Im really curious to see what you guys with synesthesia (if you don't mind me asking) feel or see with a name like Freya and March? (yes im shamelessly asking about my top names) i think id find names even more interesting if they had colour and texture.

    i think synesthesia would make reading so very different to my experience.
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    A lot of names remind me of colours. For example:

    Altalune - Pastel blue
    Amadeus - Pastel yellow
    Aradia - Dark pink
    Loki - Dark green
    Nephele - Purple
    Phineas - Orange
    Tecumseh - Light green
    Edith. Iris. Lyra. Violet. Clara. Freya. Alice. Ottilie. Marian. Luella. Beatrice. Anthea. Romilly. Martha. Grace.
    Arthur. Stanley. Felix. Henry. Otto. Samuel. Dexter. Edward. Julian. Nicholas. Ira. Sidney. Winston. Thomas. Gabriel.


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    I don't have synesthesia, but am a poet, so all my fave names have an imagery to them.

    Lumi - a crisp crystalline snowy day
    Azure - despite being a word name meaning blue skies, to me it suggests spices, rich velvets, desert landscapes
    Runa - carved stone and rough wool
    Tamsin - fairy tales and dark forests

    Isidor - knights and medieval gallentry
    Luca - sunshine and long Italian meals amidst the grapevines
    Magnus - candlelight and dark water, long boats and sandy shores
    Cormac - a horse riding over moors, ruined castles
    Mum to Mousie, Foo, Bumptious and Pudding.

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    I think I prefer names that are clean. I can appreciate names that are heavier and more romantic, but when I think "I could name my kid that," it's usually a name that's simple, smooth, no frills. I find names like Santiago and Georgiana fun and exciting and they are on the list, but my die-hard favorites are ones like Dean, Clark, Jane, Adrian.

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    I am positively boring in comparison to most of you. Yes names definitely have a "feel" to me. Since childhood, I have had my face in a book. So names, have picked up feel, meaning, history to me. For girls, I love dainty, sweet, historic names. For boys, I like a plethora of styles.

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