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Thread: Name imagery

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    I always imagine my name, Kathryn, as a yellow colour with green vines wrapped around it. Cassandra makes me think of purples and blues, William of the sea. James is orange to my mind and makes me think of canvas shorts (no idea why!). Some associations are more explanable: Nemo reminds me of yellow and metal, similar to Captain Nemo's ship; Axel to earthy browns and lava reds as in Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Sirius reminds me of stars and big black dogs!
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    Absolutely. I have this thing called synesthesia which causes letters/numbers to have colors and textures. Written down in letter/number form they have colors.
    I am 14 now, and was very very quiet as a child (heck, I still am a child). I always thought people saw things the way I did and only until recently did I realize that letters and numbers and words are just plain black to people. I have a very hard time comprehending this because I don't see anything as just "black". This sounds stupid but sometimes the reason I like people is because of the color/texture of their name. I would like a Jenna (slimy, lime green) more than an Alexandra (boring brown, with a wallpaper like texture/appearance.). Some names have better personalities than others (Camille is a very nice, lady like girl with nice manners; but Caroline is a snob and somewhat of a kleptomaniac (In no way am i saying that kleptomaniacs aren't nice people. They can't help it). I guess this is why I like nature names. No, I love nature names. Names like Skye, Rowan, Lark, and Isle really excite me. More wordy names too though. Amity is my favorite. It's a nice mossy green with vines wrapped around it. Cool to the touch and moist. I seemed to be more attracted to cool colored names as apposed to warm colored names. Names with nice cool textures are also some of my faves (Jenna, Amity, Skye, Brinley). I don't know if this makes sense to you at all, most people find it hard to understand. My mother never has understood how I can dislike the name Cameron because of the color. When looking for names I like, the color and texture play a big role. If i don't like the color or texture, I'm not going to like the name.
    For example, the number 8 is a deep midnight purple and is also shiny. But 8 is also a person. A dark mysterious man who is tall and lanky with a mustache.
    Skye makes me think of a misty mountain scene. Anything that would stimulate the creative senses, I think Skye. That is why Skye is one of my favorite names. The texture is dewy and cool (it appears cool)
    I am not attracted to Agatha because to me it is a very ugly brown with a texture like sawdust.

    But @ottilie i understand 100%
    Enough rambling. Sorry!!!
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    Nothing vivid. I grew up in a beach town so I want beachy names. Water baby names have to have a softness and carefree-ness, especially the boys which is why I tend to prefer names others consider "girly". During the day the beach is airy, bright and bubbly (Shea, Tallulah, Arden). At night it's cool, sultry and spicy (Jade, Fox, Blaise).

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    Oh yes! What a fun thread. Sights and sounds are the strongest for me. Sometimes color, but colors shift for me, it's more shadowy. Rarely does a name have a scent or flavor, and if they do it's usually a pretty bold scent or flavor. Usually chocolate or tobacco. But as I said, mainly sight and sound, usually in relation to the weather for some reason. I love a wide range of names, but the ones that are serious contenders for a child are all pretty similar. Wild, maybe? More in a woodland/mountain/sea/sky creature sort of way than a punk rock wild.

    I grew up in a tiny town in Northern California, in a one bedroom cabin on 150 acres of wilderness that we had to walk to in the winter because the storms would wash the dirt road out. It was very remote, in a town that was already remote. I played in redwood groves and streams with my brother. We had no television and re-enacted scenes from books, usually fairy tales, mythology and fantasy. My mum rescued wild animals, and we usually had a fawn, a skunk, a bobcat, or some other injured or orphaned animal being nursed until they were ready to be released back into the wild.

    I think the names I save for my children absolutely reflect my upbringing, and the fey stories we read and made up, as well as the nature around us. Isabeau is by far my favorite name for a girl. When I hear Isabeau, I imagine a woman on a stallion so wild you only catch glimpses of it, thick ropes of dark hair bound in braids, wind, lots of wind, and the branches of trees scratching against each other. Gwydion is coastal, crashing waves, fog, a voice casting spells on a cliff, the waves rising higher and higher, air, birds with sharp talons. Berengaria is strength, a warrior in a field, a flash of a wicked smile visible as lightning strikes, the "shrrrrrr" sound of a sword being drawn from its sheath. Desmond is music, sweet and shy, hair falling in eyes, sunshine and warmth, long slender fingers plucking the strings of a lute, flowers in full bloom, rabbits cautiously moving towards the music, because how can you resist Desmond's joyful music? You can't.

    Even nature and words names have an imagery that's usually inspired by their literal definition, but certainly not the whole of the imagery. Snow is white, crisp and silent, dark eyes watching from a forest, she's serious, almost sorrowful, and moves carefully through the trees. Sparrow is her opposite. He's laughter and carelessness, he tumbles and smiles and leaps beneath a night sky.

    Think dragons, unicorns, bards, archers, treasure, quests, sorcery and mermaids. Imagination is probably the thing I value most in myself, and in the people I choose to surround myself with.
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    I'm a synesthete too! I mainly get colours, textures & personalities. Sometimes they have a sound, or they remind me of a sound. Sometimes names are mouthwatering.

    Eg. When I hear the name Juliet get called, I think of a petite girl with big brown eyes and brown hair playing a violin, a girl laughing and running through a field, a girl singing a funny song. When I see it written down I have a quiet girl who has very long hair who sits by her attic room's window and writes.

    I love having synesthesia, without it life would be so boring.
    Jude, blackbird.

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