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    Aaron- I know a few little Aarons, so I think it's far from dated. It's a solid, classic choice.
    Mark- I actually think this is one of my favs on your list. I don't know a single young Mark. I only know 2 Marks from my own generation... Marcus is fairly common, so I don't think anyone would bat an eye at Mark. And while it feels so familiar, it's actually not now (a bit like Philip and Paul). It's a very strong, manly, name... and it comes from Mars... so Mars could be an adorable nn for a little Mark.
    Michael- Done to death.
    Benjamin- This is quite a popular name, but I have considered it (along with Mark)... My only hang up is its popularity. However, Benjamin is in the category with Charles, William, Edward, Mark, etc... they are just classics.
    Liam- I prefer this as a nn for William. -aiden names, Liam, Max, Eli-, and Leo (along with a few others) are going to be the Michaels, Brians, and Christophers (overused names) of this generation).
    Leo- I like it, but recently there are just soooooooooooo many. I even know expat kids named Leo in China, that's how far it's gone!
    Adrian- I've never liked how close it's sounded to Adrienne, but that's ok. It's still a strong choice with a nice Mediterranean flare.
    Maxwell- Not another Max.

    1. Mark
    2. Aaron
    3. Benjamin
    4. Adrian
    5. Leo
    6. Maxwell
    7. Michael
    8. Liam

    I love that you included some rare (Mark) and somewhat rare (Aaron) choices in your list. I'd steer clear of the uber trendy Maxwell, Leo, and Liam when you've got some great timeless names on the list.
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