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    Is Hallie a nickname for Harriet?

    Someone suggested Hallie (which I love) as a nickname for Harriet and a Google search shows lots of real people named Harriet nn Hallie, but Nameberry never mentions Hallie as a nn or even as a related name. Is Hallie actually a nickname for Harriet and Nameberry let me down for the first time? Or are all those people just crazy?
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    Are you sure those L's aren't T's? I haven't heard of Hallie as a nn for Harriet, only Hattie.

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    Um, no. I don't see how that could be the nickname. Why don't you just go with Hayley?

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    I think Hattie is the nickname for Harriet. If you love Hallie why not name her that? My friend named her daughter Halle.

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    I wouldn't think of Hallie as a nickname for Harriet. It doesn't make sense to me. While there's some leeway with nicknames, it doesn't make any sense. Do you need a nickname for Harriet? I think it's fine on its own.
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