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    What would be the best spelling for this name to make it easier to pronounce?

    I use to visit a castle in South Carolina as a girl across from Brook Green Gardens. The name of the castle was Atalaya a Spanish name actually pronounced At ah lye ah. My husband and I both love the name. I happen to have had a grandmother named Adel . So we thought instead of Atalaya we would call her Ad eh lye ah but with an easier spelling. My husband and I came up with Adeliah. Can you give us some better suggestions for the spelling of this name? We thought of Adalaya but with the the latin spelling it sounds like Ad ah lay ah which is not what we want.

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    I know this is not a fun question to answer but we really need help with this one. It seems to be a problem still.

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    How pretty and personally special! Don't go with Adeliah. That says Uh-Dee-Lee-Uh to me (Adelia is actually a different name). When I read Atalaya, I had to take a second and sound it out, but I sounded it out exactly how you said it was pronounced. There are only two ways to pronounce it: At-uh-lay-uh or the correct way. Just like Maya is only sometimes "May-uh," I think most people will go with the correct spelling. I say keep the original spelling.
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    Thank you! Would you go with Adalaya or just stick with Atalaya?

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    I would most definitely stick with Atalaya. For one thing, it's the original of the name that has such special meaning to you, for another, it seems more like a "real" name to me than Adalaya. I would also agree with previous poster in saying that i would pronounce Adeliah like uh-DEE-lee-uh. I pronounced Atalaya the correct way without ever having seen it before, so I don't think that would be a problem either.
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