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    OK, so from your list the ones I think you should cut for being outdated are:


    Elizabeth and Catherine are names that will withstand time, but they're a little boring and kind of predictable.

    Hannah, Charlotte, Madeline and Audrey are all beautiful names and I'm particularly fond of Charlotte and Madeline. The only issue here is that they're really quite popular. Audrey would be the least of the lot however.

    Gwyneth and Penelope are both fine names, but have celebrity connotations that could either make them rise in popularity (Penelope) or provide an association that's hard to get passes (Gwyneth).

    Camille, Rose and Serena I think are gems. Classics but they're not everywhere. Camille lends itself to the nickname Millie which is quite adorable as well.

    All in all, I would personally probably go with Rose. Serena and Penelope would be on the table as well.
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    Audrey - 8/10 elegant.
    Camille - 4/10 nms.
    Natalie - 4.5/10 nms.
    Gabrielle - 3/10 nms.
    Madeline - 4/10 nms.
    Charlotte - 8/10 so lovely, it's a shame it's so popular.
    Penelope - 3/10 nms.
    Rose - 7.5/10 gorgeous.
    Veronica - 3.5/10 nms.
    Hannah - 6/10 a little bit...boring in my opinion.
    Gwyneth - 6.5/10 nms, but I would love to meet a little Gwyneth.
    Serena - 7/10 pretty enough.
    Catherine - 8/10 love this with the nickname Kitty. I prefer the Katherine spelling.
    Elizabeth - 8.5/10 so many nickname options! My favourite is Effy.
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    Great list! Gwyneth is the only one that annoys me. Gwendolyn is nice, though.

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    I think you and I have very similar tastes and I think you can't go wrong.

    Audrey - Beautiful but inching its way up in popularity, for good reason. Classic and elegant.
    Camille - I prefer Camilla, but Camille is lovely too.
    Natalie - Nice, but I think it's already peaked for now.
    Gabrielle - Same with Natalie. It's nice, classic, is never really out, but a little worn.
    Madeline - I think this will get lost in the sea of Madisons, Madelyns, Addisons, etc., unfortunately.
    Charlotte - One of my personal favorites, but it's just so popular. I don't think this is quite as under-the-radar as you may like, but it's lovely.
    Penelope - I think this is going to trend and fall. I'd be careful of this one, despite its origins.
    Rose - Lovely as a first name, filler as a mn.
    Veronica - I think this feels a bit dated and 80s to me.
    Hannah - I love this name. I think it already had its recent peak, so I would think her classmates will tend to be a few years older.
    Gwyneth - Sorry, Gwyneth Paltrow has kind of overshadowed this.
    Serena - Lovely
    Catherine - I like Katharine better, but you really can't go wrong with Catherine.
    Elizabeth - Same as above. Can't go wrong here. I would not pair it with Catherine, though.

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