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    Your opinions please :-)

    Hello berries! We are expecting a little girl and are having a really hard time deciding on a name. I could really use your feedback on our short list of names. My hubby and I tend to like classic names that are just under the radar, but will stand the test of time. What are your impressions of each name? Do any of these seem like they have peaked and are outdated?


    Thanks for your help!

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    My favourites from your list are Camille, Audrey and Gwyneth - all lovely, classy names that don't/won't sound dated and aren't tied to any particular time.

    Girls - Jane - Eleanor - Matilda - Caroline - Rosalind - Beatrix
    Boys - Arthur - Desmond - Edmund - Edwin - Frederick

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    I love...

    Audrey - elegant and ladylike
    Camille - soft and pretty
    Charlotte - see Audrey
    Veronica - saintly gem
    Hannah - classic and Biblical

    I like...

    Natalie - "a new classic"
    Gabrielle - a little less dated than Danielle
    Madeline - nice name but comes with about three pronunciations ( I say "line", others say "lyn" or "leen")
    Penelope - one to watch due to the Kardashian baby.
    Rose - A filler mn but nice as a first name
    Serena - soft and pretty
    Catherine - The "K" spelling is more popular
    Elizabeth - a classic but the only drawback is that it's in the US top ten.
    All the best,

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    Audrey - always classic, lovely and appropriate, like a little black dress and a pair of kitten heels.
    Camille - elegant like Audrey, but a bit more offbeat and unexpected. Great as a middle name too because of the stressed second syllable.
    Natalie - I love Natalie. So Christmasy and bright and feminine. I prefer it spelled Nathalie.
    Gabrielle - Not my cup of tea. I knew a bratty Long Island princess named Gabrielle, so the name is whiney and trashy to my ears.
    Madeline - Despite the beautiful children's books, I'm not wild about Madeline. It's so popular these days that I find it stale.
    Charlotte - Classic yes, but very popular. I love its frothy Frenchness, and I love that it's also a kind of wonderful fruity dessert.
    Penelope - Great, if you can get past the Kardashian connection. I wouldn't call Penelope trendy exactly, because of her mythological substance, but her surge in popularity was Kardashian-induced.
    Rose - Yes. As a first name, Rose is tender and beautiful. As a middle, filler.
    Veronica - Unusual and handsome. Like this one a lot. Nickname Vera perhaps.
    Hannah - Classic, but a bit staid.
    Gwyneth - Beautiful, but so tied to the pouty vegan with the faux British accent. Gwendolen?
    Serena - Serene, peaceful, lovely. Like Audrey, Serena is always appropriate.
    Catherine - Strong and classic. Nothing daring, but a very solid name with great nickname options.
    Elizabeth - see Catherine.

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    Audrey...sophisticated and elegant
    Camille.... lovely
    Gabrielle...A gorgeous name but I dislike the nickname Gabby
    Madeline ....Its ok, is too common here
    Charlotte...Love the name but its very popular now
    Penelope...such a sweet quirky name
    Rose...sweet with any of the other names that you have listed
    Hannah...personally not a fan.
    Gwyneth...ok,prefer Genevieve
    Serena....Would not be my choice
    Catherine....Classic and elegant, you cant go wrong with this choice.
    Elizabeth...Same as Catherine

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