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    twin girls - middle name dillemna

    I'm very early on with Twins - 10.5 weeks.

    But we were visiting my parents this weekend, and my Mom was all over the baby names.

    In my family, we have 2 traditions for the first born daughter.
    1. On my Mom's side, the first born daughter's name is Mary. My mom is Mary Anne, grandma was Mary Jane, you get the idea.
    2. On my Dad's side, the first born daughter's middle name is Elizabeth. My grandma is Flora Elizabeth, my aunt is Nanette Elizabeth, and her daughter is Michelle Elizabeth.

    So, you'd think that my name would be Mary Elizabeth. But it's not. My mom actually broke tradition and named me Erin Mary Elizabeth. And I'm grateful.

    I always said that my first daughter would continue the tradition with the middle name "Mary-Elizabeth" but if our twins are both girls... what do we do?

    My Mom thinks that they should both have the same middle names since they will be born on the same day. I think that's taking the twin thing a little too far. But I also don't want #2 to think that she is not as special as #1.

    Your thoughts?

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    Perhaps give one daughter Mary in the middle, and the other Elizabeth? That way, both girls get a piece of the tradition, but also some individuality.

    Girls - Jane - Eleanor - Matilda - Caroline - Rosalind - Beatrix
    Boys - Arthur - Desmond - Edmund - Edwin - Frederick

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    I agree with pp. Give one the middle name Mary, and the other Elizabeth.

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    I'm a sucker for a little alliteration:

    Mary Matilda and Eden Elizabeth

    Each girl would have one simple and somewhat religious first name, and one lacy and royal middle name. The balance and alliteration ties them together as twins.

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    I don't think there is anything wrong with giving them the same middle name. I actually think it's pretty common. My mother and both of her sisters each have the middle name Marie, after their grandmother. I like the idea of using Elizabeth for one and Mary for the other. I think the point is that you're honoring your family with your children's names, and that's the only really important part of the tradition. You can find your own way to do that if you don't love the way your parents and grandparents did it.

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