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Thread: Teresa?

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    I prefer the Theresa spelling; I find it much more elegant and classic. I agree with pp about it being similar to Cecilia. I really like the nicknames Tess and Tessie with it!
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    I prefer Theresa and I think it's a classic name that doesn't have the classic reputation of Elizabeth or Margaret, but is totally within that style & level of sophistication. It is easy to imagine a middle aged woman called Terry and I think that puts people off. I think Mother Theresa is such a nice namesake.

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    I can't say I'm a fan of the name. Maybe I've known too many.

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    I prefer just Tess, personally--Teresa seems strongly Hispanic to me, and a bit dated--but I am okay with Theresa. It does seem dated, but I've grown to like it more. I think Theresa nn Tess is pretty adorable, too. Theresa needs a special sort of MN to spice it up, though, imo.
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    I also prefer vintage nickname Tess on her own, but I find Therese rather alluring, particularly in the middle name slot. Something like Ruby Jane Therese...
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