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Thread: Teresa?

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    Just looking for some opinions on this name (classic, Dated and other thoughts in general). Thanks!
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    Slightly prefer the spelling Theresa, but like both. Find them classic and a bit sweet. Reminds me of names like Cecilia - classic and not over-common, but familiar.

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    Quite fond of Theresa/Teresa! Mildly prefer Theresa spelling.

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    I love the name Teresa - and I absolutely prefer that spelling to Theresa. I think this is because when it is spelled with the "h", I find it dated and boring (even though it sounds exactly the same - I don't know what's going on there or why its like that for me). Teresa spelled without the h, it makes me think of a really strong, determined, person.
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    I love Teresa! I slightly prefer the spelling Theresa though I use to like both pretty evenly, but years off doodling the name (did I mention that I LOVE Theresa) has led me to become attached to the "h". Our oldest girl would have been Theresa or Teresa for sure except my husband dislikes alliteration and our last name starts with a T.

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