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    As usual, I agree with Copy&Paste up there. Keep Arthur, you love it and it rocks! And see if you can find some other names you love too. And we can always help you...
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    When you hang around name nerds who keep copious lists of name combinations, it's easy to feel like you're somehow behind the times for NOT having a long list of favorites, a Top 10, whatever. You're not. Truly -- not all of us actually have, immediately at our disposal, massive lists of names we LOVE and would really use. I could easily name a half-dozen sons but I struggle to find a girls' name that has the right balance of the elements I'm looking for. Just keep hunting -- there is really no need to have a huge list RIGHT NOW, or even at all, for that matter. When a name has the right meaning and appeal to touch you, you'll know.

    As far as your dilemma with Arthur and Jackson, why not replace Jackson with Leonard? Arthur & Leonard...yes, that works. Or, hypothetically, if you have a girl, what about Artura?

    Just keep looking. There are millions of names out there and you're looking for that one gem. It can take awhile.

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    Thank you everyone!

    dindlee; That's probably what I'm going to do, thanks! I love Arthur too much to let it go haha. I'll keep searching!

    scarletrune; I'm still thinking about Edith, I'm not sure if I would use it myself, yet!

    thatkathryngirl; I do love Jackson, but I agree that it's trendy and Jackson & Martha would be odd together. Makes me sad

    charlieandperry1; I've actually always had the issue of liking more boys names than girls! A few months ago I had the same problem as you: being able to name lots of sons, but daughters would have been very difficult!

    bettydogooder; I'm hoping that I'll just find a name I love eventually haha! Freya, Lyra, Ronan, and Roman are lovely! It is a shame that they're all so similar!

    ottilie; I think I will keep Arthur for now, and continue the search! Thank you (:

    saracita00; Ooh I do love Leonard! Not sure how well that would go down with my family {they tease my cousin for naming her daughter Luna all the time, so I'm not sure Leonard would be tease-free haha}. But I like it, especially the character reference, so I may consider it!

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