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Thread: Best of these?

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    Hi Stripe. What a great name to work from - Avram Tzvi! Swoon!
    I adore Tabitha as a first name. Yes I think of Tabitha Twitchit and calico and campfires, but the sound of it is such a beautiful warm pitter-patter. Do it!
    I also very much like Tzvia (spelled thusly) as a middle name. As Tuitree said, it is beautiful to look at, and you won't have to worry about pronunciation issues as much with a middle name.
    Zibiah doesn't do it for me. The B clunkifies it imo. Besides, what would you name her ziblings?

    There's also the zesty name Ziva. ("ZEEvah") Feminine form of the Hebrew Ziv ("radiant light") I met a little Ziva. It's quite wearable.

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    What about first name Tirza (tear-zah) for a girl? Still has the same feel, but w/ a twist.

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    Tzvia is my favorite. It's energetic, pretty, and honors your grandfather most directly. I would pronounce Zibiah as "zib-EYE-uh." It's interesting, but I'm not crazy about it. Tabitha, being the most common, is also the most versatile. However, it does have a very colonial/Puritan/Christian vibe to me. Since you're Jewish I would skip it.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Honestly, I like the simple Tzvia/Tzviya the best. It's obviously in his honor, but honestly, I just think it's fun to say. I think it could make a really cool middle name. I like Zibiah, but I would have emphasized the first syllable--ZIB-ee-ah. Is that a big deal? ZIB-ee-ah and zih-BEE-ah sound fairly close to me, but the difference could get annoying. I just figured, since it reminds me so much of Lydia/Lidia.

    Tabitha... meh, my first associations are the witchy ones and the Biblical ones, but I think it can easily stand on its own two feet. I've met several Tabithas, and not once did I think of the New Testament Tabitha, or Bewitched.
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    I was going to suggest the Hebrew names Ayelet / Ayala / Yael which all have similar meanings to Tzvi.

    Since you are toying around with the Hebrew "Z" names which are similar to Tzvi, would you consider Ziva? It means 'radiance,' and it has a similar feel to Tzvi.

    Personally, I like my suggestions better than Tabitha - they have more of a connection your grandfather.

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