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    Best of these?

    I like honouring names. My grandfather's religious name was Avram Tzvi. Avram has been used since in the family, for him, and I would rather use Tzvi anyhow.

    So I would use it directly for a boy, but for a girl there are a few options:

    Tzvia/Tzviya is the most direct. Middle name material, probably. I like it.

    Zibiah is an English translation that's used in some English translations of the Bible - in the KJV it's in the Old Testament. Zibiah doesn't sound that much like Tzvia AND it isn't that common, but it's pretty easy to figure out how to say it, I think? But maybe not. I'd be interested on opinions of whether it's zi-BEE-uh or zi-BYE-uh or something else.

    Another translation, and this shocked me because I've of course heard of it but never heard it connected to Tzvia before... is Tabitha.

    Is Tabitha the most usable? Or does it have it's own witch/cat baggage? Is it too Christian sounding?

    I like Z names but am not sure about Zibiah.

    I suppose I could also just spell Tzvia as Zvia. Like Tzipora is often Zipporah or something.

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