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Thread: Best of these?

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    Best of these?

    I like honouring names. My grandfather's religious name was Avram Tzvi. Avram has been used since in the family, for him, and I would rather use Tzvi anyhow.

    So I would use it directly for a boy, but for a girl there are a few options:

    Tzvia/Tzviya is the most direct. Middle name material, probably. I like it.

    Zibiah is an English translation that's used in some English translations of the Bible - in the KJV it's in the Old Testament. Zibiah doesn't sound that much like Tzvia AND it isn't that common, but it's pretty easy to figure out how to say it, I think? But maybe not. I'd be interested on opinions of whether it's zi-BEE-uh or zi-BYE-uh or something else.

    Another translation, and this shocked me because I've of course heard of it but never heard it connected to Tzvia before... is Tabitha.

    Is Tabitha the most usable? Or does it have it's own witch/cat baggage? Is it too Christian sounding?

    I like Z names but am not sure about Zibiah.

    I suppose I could also just spell Tzvia as Zvia. Like Tzipora is often Zipporah or something.

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    I got a little lost in your post. Are you asking if those names are usable in the middle spot or first name spot? If you are looking to use it in the first name spot I would be a little hesitant only because even with you breaking down the name I am still not sure if I am pronouncing it correctly. Tabitha would be a better choice which is very classy to me. I would try to use a name that is some what easy for people/teachers to pronounce. If the name is in the middle spot you can go wild.

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    Yeah, I got a little garbled. I think I just learned my lesson on trying to do too many things at one time.

    I guess I was asking a few different questions:

    Do you think Tabitha is usable as a first name, or only as a middle?

    Do you think Zibiah is uncommon in a cool in an interesting way or only in an "ew, that's weird" way?

    Would you use a name as uncommon as Tzvia even in a middle name spot, or would you try, even for a middle, to use something more intuitive, like Zibiah or Tabitha?

    Aesthetically, disregarding practicality for a moment, do you consider any of these names attractive?

    That's about the range of my questions, hopefully that makes a bit more sense.

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    Lol it happens to the best of us especially when typing it just gets jumbled.

    To answer your questions
    I think Tabitha is very usable as a first name. I like it a lot. I can picture it on a baby, little girl and adult. It is very chic, classy and has a timeless vibe going on.

    Weird does not freak me out because I had a lot of weird names on my list until my boyfriend told me calm it down lol so nothing it too weird to me. I think pronunciation is going to be a problem for some.

    For me the middle name spot you can go wild. For example my boyfriend loves the name Leo and it is becoming popular in my opinion so I chose two crazy middles (Ignatius and Balthazar) to spice it up a little bit so I think having an uncommon name like that in the middle is perfectly fine.

    I think all three names are pleasing to the eye. I just can not figure out if I am pronouncing them correctly that's why I almost feel it would be safer in the middle spot.

    That makes a ton of more sense haha
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    Tzvia looks pretty. What is the accurate pronunciation? In my head I'm saying zeh-VEE-ah?

    I don't mind Zebiah at all. In fact it's growing on me the longer I ponder it. Is Zeviah an option. It feels truer to the original and the v sound is very pretty.

    Tabitha is one of those names I don't know if I like it not, but I wouldn't think you were crazy if you used it. It's s fine name!

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