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    I access NB with my computer and with an iPad. These ads aren't a problem at all on the computer, but yes, I've run into the same problem on the iPad.
    I wouldn't mind if it popped up only upon entering the site, or every 50 pages, but it seems to be unpredictable. Occasionally, I've had it pop up repeeatedly (3 or 4 times) when I try to navigate to a certain page. Also, sometimes it seems to leave 'residue' covering parts of a page....
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    Thanks for all of your responses!
    I will look into adblock (even though for some it doesnt seem to help).
    And yes, maybe my ipad does have some problem bc it seems to crash alot lately.
    But it does only seem to be on NB these particular ads.

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    Same here, on the ipad. Ads for Country Crock and Downy. It's driving me CRAZY!!!! I don't mind the site using ads to make money at all, I just can't stand the pop-up nature of these ads. I'll get halfway down the page browsing thread titles, then that ad will pop up and scroll me back up to the top. It happens several times each time I visit the forums. I hate it!
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    Same. The ads on my phone the last week or so have been driving me insane...I never want to see a tub of Country Crock again.
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    I get them on my iPad constantly... Very frustrating!

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