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    Frustrating Ads!!

    Ive been using Nameberry for about a year now.
    It seems just recently there have been new pop-up ads that cover the whole screen all the time whenever Im on the forum. It's not just once, they keep popping up! it's becoming frustrating.
    Im using an ipad, not sure if it's different on other devices.

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    Could you use adblock?
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I haven't had this problem at all; I'm on a PC, though. Could you have some sort of bug/virus? Also, have you cleared your cookies recently? (I don't have any idea how iPad's work, really, so I don't know if that's relevant.)
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    You aren't alone; they pop up on my phone all the time, and adblock doesn't help at all!
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    My computer does this all the time but not just on nb.

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