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    Middle names for Gloria?

    Currently on my girl's list is the combo Helena Valentine. I really like the flow and sound of it, and I'm looking for something similar for another favorite of mine, Gloria.

    I've toyed with Gloria Valentine, but it just isn't as pretty. So I need a middle name.

    I'm looking for something longer, and flowy, with a good if not interesting meaning. Names like Valentine, Rhiannon, Gwenyth, and Coraline.

    Any suggestions?
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    I agree its not bad but the flow seems off with Gloria Valentine. I am going based off names with meanings, not sure of your style completely. So I will throw bunch out there. A lot of them have same ending sounds but for some reason I think it works with gorgeous Gloria.

    Middles that mean STRONG:
    Gloria Bridgette
    Gloria Bryanne
    Gloria Valencia- I know they have the same sound endings but I kind of like that in this situation.
    Gloria Vallerie/Valerie
    Gloria Amethyst

    Middles that mean LOVE:
    Gloria Aphrodite
    Gloria Annabel/Anabel
    Gloria Amorette
    Gloria Philomena

    Middles that mean BLESSED:
    Gloria Beatrice
    Gloria Gwendolyn-blessed ring
    Gloria Gwennan

    Other randoms:
    Gloria Adelaide- Noble, Kind
    Gloria Adeline- Noble, Kind
    Gloria Chrislynn- Beauty
    Gloria Annaliese- Graced with gods bounty
    Gloria Alexandria- Defender of mankind
    Gloria Anastasia- Resurrection
    Gloria Evangeline- bearer of good news
    Gloria Katherine/Catherine- Pure
    Gloria Eleanor- Bright, shining one
    Gloria Clementine- Merciful
    Gloria Ayalisse- Unique, Beautiful, And Divine
    Gloria Cambrie- Angel
    Gloria Lucille- Light
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    I really like,

    Gloria Valencia (though I'd probably do Valencie to eliminate the same ending)
    Gloria Aphrodite
    Gloria Anastasia
    Gloria Emmeline (I love the flow, but Emmeline is a bit too basic for me)
    Gloria Lucienne
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