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  • Micah John

    20 30.77%
  • Julian John

    14 21.54%
  • Lucas John

    31 47.69%
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    Red face Vote for a name!

    My daughter's name is Mackenzie. This will be my last child. Middle name will be John in honor of my dad who is no longer with us... so basically middle name won't change, but I'm open to other suggestions on first names if you hate them all.

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    No, way! I was just waiting for the poll to load, and I was typing random names that I wondered what your options would be. Mackenzie and Julian was my first option, lol! I was like, "Naw, that's probably not it." That's so weird, lol. I think they're all great; I like Micah the most, but I'm not sure about Mackenzie and Micah. I actually like the alliteration, and I'm guessing you're not bothered by it... but I'm still not sure I'd use it. Mackenzie (g) and Julian (b) seem to be the most different stylistically, so I'm tempted to not go for that, but I think it would be so refreshing to come across a Julian, and sibsets aren't everything. Lucas is my least favorite (although it is really nice!), but I like it best with Mackenzie. There's just something about Mackenzie and Lucas that works really well together. I actually really like them all, but I think Micah is my favorite.

    Good luck!
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    I voted for Lucas. I think Micah is too feminine for a boy.

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    I love Micah! So underused, but still well known. I don't find it feminine at all. It is traditionally a boy's name.

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    Ahhh! The results are soo close! lol

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