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    First name to go with middle name Harrison?

    Got any suggestions?

    We definitely want Harrison for the middle name since it has special meaning for us, but can't decide on a first. Our last name starts with a B and is two syllables. We have two daughters, Gigi Caroline and Lucy Almira.

    We both really like Burke, but I worry about using it because of the negative association in the UK. We also like Miles, but aren't completely sold on it. I also like names that end in -er like Parker and Carter but hubby doesn't like those specific names. Also, we both really like Brooks but can't use it since our new nephew was given that name.

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    I misunderstood your question initially. So you want the middle name Harrison with your two syllable B-starting last name? First, I'd go with a one syllable first name to balance things out with a 1-3-2 full name syllable count. Second, I'd nix any repeating initials such H or B. What do you think of the following:

    Clay Harrison B-
    Flynn Harrison B-
    Nash Harrison B-
    Ray Harrison B-
    Rex Harrison B-
    Ross Harrison B-
    Van Harrison B-

    Although Rex Harrison was a famous movie star, much time has passed since his glory days.
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    Burke is great by me, but I'm not from the UK. Also, it might be too close to your surname. What sound does your surname end with? That is important...
    Teague Harrison
    James Harrison
    Sterling Harrison
    Lewis Harrison
    Lawrence Harrison
    Thomas Harrison
    Jude Harrison
    Ezra Harrison
    Tucker Harrison
    Wilder Harrison
    Booker Harrison (<3)
    Oskar Harrison
    Asher Harrison
    Casper Harrison
    Jasper Harrison
    Cyrus Harrison
    Cedric Harrison
    Dermot Harrison
    Malcolm Harrison
    Desmond Harrison
    Forrest Harrison
    Fletcher Harrison
    Bridger Harrison
    Archer Harrison
    Alexander Harrison
    Alistair Harrison
    Jasher Harrison
    Keats Harrison
    Lance Harrison
    Lars Harrison
    Leander Harrison
    Oleander Harrison
    Miles Harrison
    Malachi Harrison/ Malachy Harrison
    Niall Harrison
    Quincy Harrison
    Piers Harrison
    Ryder Harrison
    Ryker Harrison
    Foster Harrison
    Rhys Harrison
    Ross Harrison
    Sawyer Harrison
    Theodore Harrison
    Victor Harrison
    Walker Harrison
    Xavier Harrison
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