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    Names from 'pretty little liars'

    Recently I started watching 'Pretty little liars'. So far I haven't been too impressed with the girl names but I'm liking some of the boy names. Would it be weird if hypothetically I named my sons Ezra, Ren + Noel? All three names are used in the tv series.

    It's funny how a name I've heard before doesn't ever make it on my list and then suddenly out of the blue I love it. Such as the three I listed. Although if I had to choose I'd pick Ezra.

    What are your thoughts on the names individually?


    Other boy names I'm loving...

    Declan -dex
    Bennett -ben

    Could Ezra, Ren or Noel work with my current faves?

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    Love your name choices.
    It may be weird to a watcher of the show...just showing your
    I prefer Wren, as opposed to Ren.
    I like Wren and Ezra, Noel, not so much.
    I also, like the name Aria for a girl.

    Yes, I think they do work with your other name likes...

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    Ezra and Ren seem pretty soapy and do seem kind of lightweight to me. Noel seems like an old man/religious name of a child born around Christmas.

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    I also prefer Wren as opposed to Ren.
    Ezra is fantastic in my opinion.
    I am also pleased to see Bennett on your list, that's a keeper!

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    Ezra, Noel, Declan, and Bennett are great. River is just nms, but I can see why others like it. Ren has some nice meaning in Chinese, so I like it but wonder how you'd pronounce it. Ash is a great nn, but sounds a bit like death to me... cremation, lumber being burned and turned into ash, the colour of a sick person or polluted sky, etc.
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