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    Kai? Pronunciation & thoughts?

    Kai is pronounced kye - rhymes with eye. Right?
    I quite like it, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Kai Joseph or Kai Richard?
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    I too, like Kai. (Pronounced like Ky, yes rhymes with eye)
    I especially like it as a nickname for Malachi.
    In my opinion not a full name...(but I would probably use it as one...if I didn't like Malachi so much..)
    Out of your middle name choices I prefer Kai Joseph.

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    There's an African-American weatherman in Los Angeles with the rather Jewish sounding last name of Kai Goldberg. I'd go with your initial instincts and go with Kai Joseph. Kai Richard seems like second place.

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    I really like Kai and I have been thinking about adding it to my list recently. Yes it's pronounced like Ky, rhymes with eye. I prefer Kai Joseph to Kai Richard but I don't think either flow that well.

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    One of my relatives is actually called Kai Joseph, so I kind of love it But I like Kai Richard too- Richard's one of my favourite middle names. In the UK I'd say Kai hasn't got the best of images though. It does tend to be a 'young mum' name, especially with the Kye spelling. But my relative isn't like that, so I've got nothing but positive images

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