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Thread: Am I Normal?

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    I agree with the others. Honestly, I was pretty shocked to find a post saying you had a "surprise pregnancy". I wasn't following your story too closely but I had the impression you were TTC. I'm also wary of young women who have accidentally-on-purpose pregnancies which they tout as completely unplanned. I got pregnant taking birth control pills reliably and responsibly - no missing of pills or whatever else people do. But the fact that "unplanned" pregnancies seem to be manufactured so often brings my own story into disrepute. It's frustrating.
    I'm not a super sensitive type so I'm always surprised when people leave from one or two comments they don't like. Forums aren't cheerleading squads. While members should try and be diplomatic - and I think everyone has been - these places are for opinions not just back scratches.
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    I don't think she liked the truth.....I understand shock factor happening here. And no offense but when I was 19 I did what I want and knew what I was doing especially when it came to sex. I think what upsets me the most is knowing there are us woman here who want nothing but a child and it is taking us/them 6months- year + to even have one. You are coming off as pretentious. And at first I felt sorry for you but once I continued reading and the fact you are bringing religion into the scenario when no offense people who are highly religious do not use BC at all. And Plan B is a BC on steroids. It doesn't make sense. Like RGE, Sarah, and Ott said it is just coming off like you are shocked this happened. Sorry we do not sugar coat things or you feel we are dumping liquid into your full cup but its better to get the raw material IMO. That is why I post here and joined. I want the real deal information not some fairy tale that does not exist. Hopefully you will see Berries are just putting their opinions out there. They are letting you know how your post is coming off. You are one of the lucky ones to get pregnant that quickly. Most people would kill to be in your shoes....
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