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    Just for your own future reference, the morning after pill is not a form of abortion. It's basically a higher dose of birth control so if you've taken one, you shouldn't have any problem taking the other. In fact, if you are pregnant, the morning after pill will have no effect. Here's a nice little article that explains it all in further detail:

    Congrats on your pregnancy though!
    This exactly. I'm sorry to seem rude, but BC and condoms are absolutely no different than the morning after pill. You were hoping to get pregnant. And that's totally fine, but it's a tad annoying that you keep making it seem otherwise. It kind of seems like you're vying for attention at times. Where I'm from, so many young girls get pregnant because they subconsciously (sometimes not so much) wanted to. For varying reasons... they wanted to be tied to a guy, all their friends are pregnant/already have kids, being pregnant gets you so much attention, as my Mom says "they wanted to play house." And when their parents and families freak out because they're young, they pull the religion card as an excuse as to why they couldn't of prevented it. Instead of just admitting they wanted to get pregnant because (insert reason here.) And I'm not saying any of those fit your situation because I don't know you, but it's honestly the vibe I get.

    I'm sure you will love your child, and I hope you don't ever feel like you missed out on life because you had a baby so young. I'm almost 26 and sometimes I still feel like I'm missing out on certain "young and wild" activities that we just can't do anymore, I couldn't imagine how I would of handled having a baby at 19.
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