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Thread: Am I Normal?

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    It will be fine! My brother married at 19 and had their baby at 20. They were both at university and they both gained their Master's Degree. He established a very suceessful business. You need enthusiasm and dreams. Make your dreams come true!

    So it can be done. You may not have much money but heck you are young you do not need all the extra mess that toys and thousands of baby clothes bring.

    Try to get a support base. Has Mum or Grandma got some time to help you out?

    Good luck and don't let it get you down and find a good person maybe an aunty or Mum that you can talk to.

    Psalm 23

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    Thanks rollo! I'm feeling much better these past couple of days. I go throughout most of the day happy and excited, with just a few twinges here and there like 'oh my goodness what have I done' lol. The money aspect of things is most nerve racking, tied up with nervousness about changes to my body and how awful labor will be! ( I know I shouldn't be worrying about this yet!)

    Otherwise, I had a heart to heart with my mom and she is doing better, even texting me lots of name ideas! And my aunties and grandma took it great, saying they are so excited and that even though it was unplanned it will be a blessing in disguise.

    So all and all, things are looking up!

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    If you have a condom break and you don't take the morning-after pill, I don't really see that as "not trying, not preventing." A broken condom is obviously not preventing anything, and you're aware that it's happened.

    Anyway, you're pregnant now. Congrats. Everything will be fine. Like another poster, I recommend waiting until around 12-14 weeks before going and telling everyone. Apart from that, find yourself an obgyn or midwife, and start learning all you can about pregnancy and birth. It's a hell of a ride
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    I won't lie, I think it'll be hard. I don't have any personal experience, but my cousin and his girlfriend got pregnant when she was around 19. They eventually had another child, and finally got married last year. And nowadays, they are on really solid ground and have their act together. They have a beautiful, happy family, and that's definitely possible, but it wasn't like that at first. She was young and had no idea how selfless you have to be to have a baby. She wasn't a great life partner and was pretty selfish. My cousin was pretty resentful and he had to give up his dreams permanently to work and support his family. But they had their babies, they learned, and they have new dreams now. Just took a few years. But yeah, your life is in for a huge change. Your relationship is in for a huge change. Every ounce of selfishness in you is going to be brought to the surface when your life is consumed by a baby. But if you can work through it and manage to stay together as a family, you'll probably do a lot of growing up and be a better person for it in the long run. Good luck, hon!! You can do it =))

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    Per my religion, I don't use morning after pills, or abortion. I personally believe in the sanctity of life. If there is no life in the first place, fine, which is why I don't care about birth control. I would have used it had I not been so sick. But once there is life I don't believe in 'taking it back' so to say. Anyways, this is just be personal moral beliefs. What others choose to do is their belief!
    We haven't told anyone but close family and one or two friends that are like family. I won't tell everyone else until week 12 or 13. I just felt thy with those few people, if anything were to happen, I would want them around as support anyways. Haha I know it is a hell of a ride, pretty nerve racking! Like a roller coaster, and I was never a fan of those!

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