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    Anyone else's pets acting different since you got pregnant?

    I have two dogs and two cats and everybody's been acting different since I got pregnant! Just wondering what other people's experience with this has been.

    Both my cats want to lay on my stomach all the time (even my orange guy who usually only lays on my SO!) and the dogs are following me everywhere. One of them even insists on coming into the bathroom with me and laying on the bathmat while I'm in there. My normally crazy lab/mutt lays with her head in my lap all the time now & seems to be spending more of our time outside guarding me as opposed to sniffing around the fence (or jumping it! Haha). I swear they can all tell I'm pregnant! I'm almost 7 months now & all of them seem to love cuddling my belly. They take turns every time I sit or lay down on the couch.

    Has anyone else noticed a change in their animals? Just curious

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    Most people underestimate the perceptiveness of their animals. They know what is going on and they adapt to it, for example a pregnancy or sickness. With my pregnancies my dog was always around me choosing either to sit on me or by me which was a huge change because he obviously favored my husband. He was protective of me when we had people over or when we would take him for walks. Its and interesting change in dynamic, and just exemplifies how much animals know their owners and surroundings.
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    After about 11 weeks, one of my 2 cats is all over me. And she is more the hubby's cat than mine. She sits on me, lays on me, sleeps at my feet, follows me around. She did the same thing when I was pregnant with our son.

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    yup, my dog became much more clingy starting early in my pregnancy...and developed a fear of thunderstorms he'd never had before.

    I noticed he dialed it up again the week before I delivered and would hardly let me out of his sight without going crazy. I had a constant puppy shadow for a week or so.
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    We have a pet rabbit and I think he knew I was pregnant before we did! He just became very affectionate.

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