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    Quote Originally Posted by loisvs View Post
    I think it's lovely, my only concern would be that it sounds like it could be a trendy girl's name these days...also the tie to Britt as a nn for Brittany. And, some people may spell it like Britain.

    However, the -on ending is more common for boys names these days, I think. Also, I think I've heard of one boy Britton before.

    And if you have strong personal reasons and family connections to use it, I wouldn't be concerned about it. I like it partnered with a traditional William or James.

    I agree with this.

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    A Briton is someone from Britain. It would be like calling your son American or Mexican.

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    It's not my style, but its ok. I quite like the nn Brit for a boy. Yes it is kind of like calling your kid Britain but that's no weirder than calling your kid North or August.

    I prefer Britton James though. For me it flows a little better. But Britton William is still nice.

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    Britton is a fine name - I see no problems using it. Like others, I prefer Britton James but Britton Willima is fine.
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    Britton is great! Between Britton William and Britton James, I am leaning towards Britton James. (I have a soft spot for the name James). I had a babysitter named Britton growing up, he was a great guy and without a doubt grew up to be a fantastic father and husband. Don't be afraid what others think, whether it be Britton William or Britton James, both are very nice names.
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