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    Niamh is one of my favorite names. DH vetoed it because of the spelling. I think it's true that your daughter would have to spell out her name all the time, but it's SO pretty! And I mean, my name is Emily and I've had to spell that for people before due to the variations people have come up with--I think you're going to get asked how to spell your name at some point no matter what. She can just say, "'Neev'. N-I-A-M-H. It's Irish." and be done with it. I suppose an alternative for this one would be to spell it "Neve" or something, but I like it the way it is.

    My second favorite on your list is Keira, and I think this one is friendlier to American pronunciation/spelling. I don't really like the sound of Siobhan, but that's a personal preference. I also agree that it sounds a bit too close to Sean.

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    I love Mary or Maire.

    Mary Niamh is so beautiful. Declan, Brendan, Sean and Mary. Oh, that's a great combination.

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    We're Irish-American naming our kids Irish names, too. I definitely appreciate how difficult this can be!

    I prefer names that are at least somewhat spellable/pronouncable in English. My husband loves Siobhan, but I vetoed it for that reason. From your list, I like Keira the best. I just think it goes with your boys' names better since they're all Anglisized spellings.

    If you're looking for suggestions, our daughter's name is Maura and we're thinking of Brigid if #2 is a girl. I also have cousins named Fiona and Maeve. Maureen, Kathleen, and Colleen are classic Irish-American names, but they may seem dated compared to your other children's names.

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    Maire or Mary would be pronounced the typical way - not the Irish pronunciation. (All of our boys have a trad Irish first name - and a more Anglicanized second name i.e Matthew - we are trying to follow the same.) We are Catholic and attempting to keep a form of Mary in the name somewhere. Maura, Moira and Maeve are out due to previous family use.

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    I have trouble remembering how to pronounce Niamh. It's partly because I only see this name with name nerds and know none in real life. So I don't hear it a lot. If you live in the same town for most of her life, the other kids will get used to it. If for example your husband or yourself was in the military and you moved a lot it would be harder for her.

    Keira is kind of dated. My sister had a friend named Ciara. When she was in first grade, they called her Sarah for a while until her parents threw (probably rightly) a fit over it and then she was called Sierra. I like the Key-ar-a pronounciation. I am not sure I would pronounce this name right, but then everyone I know pronounces it differently. The biggest problem with this name is everyone seems to have their own idea how to pronounce it.

    I have known a few Siobhans. They had some pronounciation difficulties, but I think it's the best of the bunch. I think they have more Siobhans who have pioneered this name making it more accessible.
    So to rank them
    1. Siobhan
    2. Keira
    3. Niamh

    I hope you don't mind but here are few other ideas (you don't have to take them):
    Bridget (or any variation you prefer of this name)
    Deirdre (An easily pronounced Irish name from my own favorite's list)
    Fiona or Fionnuala

    Best of Luck

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