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    Question Irish American Baby Girl Name

    Hoping you can help us make up our mind. My husband and I have 3 sons with traditional Irish names - Declan, Brendan, and Sean. We are expecting our first little girl. We have a very simple plain neutral last name similar to Smith. I am first generation American of Irish parents and my husband is of Scots-Irish background - family from the American South. We live in the Northeast. We had no problems naming our sons - but naming our daughter is much harder. We are getting down to the last minute as we are due very soon. As our last name is so simple and ethnically neutral, we like our kids to have Irish names. Problem is traditional Irish girl names are much more difficult to pronounce for the Americans they will interact with daily. (I also have a ridiculous number of aunts and female cousins and if I name a child the same as one it would cause a bit of a war.) We have narrowed it down a bit and are looking for opinions. Thanks.
    Niamh Maire or Mary Niamh (Niamh = Neeve)
    Keira Mae (Prefer the Irish spelling of Keer-ah - Ciara but it would be pronounced Sierra or Key-ar-ah - which would drive me nuts!)
    Siobhan Maire (Siobhan = Shavon)

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