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    Adair...Sassy and cool or just plain weird?

    So my husband and I have been going back and forth about what to name our little girl. At points we loved unisex names and then swore them off. We've like everything from Anna to Scarlett to Beatrice to Quinn to Mia. Finally, we find ourselves really liking Adair. A friend just used this family name for her daughter's middle name.

    My question is, while we love the name, I'm a little nervous that this unusual name will be tough for her to handle throughout life. I'm concerned that people will somehow mispronounce her name or that she'll often have to repeat herself when asked her name because it is so unusual.

    Do you think Adair is normal enough that it won't be too much for a child and then adult to carry; or is it just a little too wacky?

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    Re: Adair...Sassy and cool or just plain weird?

    i had never heard of that name before my friend named her baby Adair born in july. i dont know the middle name or if she has one. the more i think of it the more i like it. sounds like it could work for you! i say go for it!
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    Re: Adair...Sassy and cool or just plain weird?

    I've only ever heard it for a boy. Not sure if I like it on a girl.

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    Re: Adair...Sassy and cool or just plain weird?

    I think it looks cool, but when I say it out loud, all I hear is "a dare" -- like truth or dare. Not an association I'd really want for my little girl. I can imagine the teasing...

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    Re: Adair...Sassy and cool or just plain weird?

    I LOVE it! I have been trying to get someone to use Adair for months! I fell in love with it out of the blue one day and I would totally use it but it just doesn't work with my daughter's name. I find it so classy, with a surname feel but definitely feminine sound. I don't think the "a dare" thing would be cause for much teasing, myself. It's along the lines of Blythe, Greer, and Sloane to me but a bit more feminine-sounding.

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